Eat Real Food

To quote Mark Sisson “eat good food and lift heavy things”. Getting some form of exercise is great for your body and your mental health. You do not have to spend 60 minutes 5 times a week to maintain good health. A daily walk will do.

This blog focuses on eating the freshest and best quality food available. You may think that this will be expensive, and it might be as you purchase new staple items, but overall you pay less to eat good food. This is because you are eating quality nutrients and not a ton of garbage filler.

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Keto & Low Carb

  1. Ketovore for Better Health – Try mixing carnivore with your keto diet for better results.
  2. Keto Made Easy – Learn the basics and get started eating better today!
  3. Keto Chaffle – Try this wonder food and eat sandwiches on a low carb way of eating
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  5. 24 Healthy Fat Foods – Add some good fat to your diet and feel better faster!
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Improve Health Right Away

  1. Clean Eating for Improved Health – What are clean foods and how can you incorporate them into your life
  2. Clean Eating Food List for Beginners – Learn which foods are clean and which are not
  3. The Benefits of Eating Healthy – Reasons to start now and how this can help your health
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  6. Improve Your Gut Microbiome Today! – Learn how your gut bacteria affects your physical and mental health.
  7. Build Up Your Immune System Fast – It’s not hard, with help from some friends!

Intermittent Fasting (IF)

  1. How To Do An intermittent Fasting Diet Plan – Lose weight and drastically improve health with this one-two punch.

Quit Sugar

  1. Break sugar Addiction with A Detox Plan – Get yourself prepared for a successful sugar detox.
  2. 7 Day Sugar Detox Guide – Successfully break free from this highly addictive food product.


  1. (Opinion piece) Greta Thunberg is not the boss of me! – Why I disagree with Greta combining climate change and meat eating