Are You Finally Ready To Lose Your Belly Fat?

Introducing the Fearless Keto Diet Kit

Don't struggle with figuring weight loss out on your own...your success kit is right here!

There is nothing like this kit anywhere else, because I had to create it for myself. It is based on everything that I have learned about how to create weight loss success, plus other health improvements, in my own life.

Trying to lose weight is hard!

So many diet plans just give you tips and recipes and then you never hear from them a bad prom date

I'm going to change that for you. You and I are going to co-habit on this journey because I am setting you up for success at every step. Look at what you are getting:

Together these products create a successful framework. You will improve your health by:

  • Fixing mindset issues that keep you stuck at the same weight
  • Eating foods that encourage health improvements for many areas of your body
  • Freeing up more time to spend with family because simple meals require less kitchen/prep time   
  • Getting out of the trap of unhealthy/addictive processed foods; get control of everything you eat. 
  • Feeling nourished and stopping food cravings, including sugar cravings. 
  • Having more stamina and energy to live your life the way you want
  • Improving mood because you feel better when you are healthier
  • Decreasing your risk for other health issues like Type II Diabetes and heart disease.

This product is a digital download. All files are digital; nothing is shipped.


Simple, healthy food that tastes great. Home cooking is cheaper and healthier

Planner pages that help you find your 'why" and plan your success

7 Full days of recipes including desserts and snacks!

Pages for meal planning, weight tracking, goals, grocery list and many more .

Easy recipes that fit into your busy life. Bulk shop and cook to save time.

Imagine what your life would be like if…

You wake up every day after a great night sleep, feeling rested and refreshed. You have energy to spare.

Those strange aches and pains that you attribute to "getting older" have disappeared, seemingly overnight

You look and feel younger every day because your body is nourished from the inside out with healthy foods

People tell you daily how great you look because you radiate awesome health and they want to know your secret...will you tell them?

This product is a digital download. All files are digital; nothing is shipped.

Fearless Keto Diet Planner: 22 pages where you can:

  • Figure out your “why”,
  • Track your measurements
  • Track health issues you want to improve
  • List your goals
  • Monitor your eating streak
  • Write out your exercise plan if you have one
  • …and more!


Fearless Keto Welcome Kit: 12 pages about what you need to know about how the Keto diet works to improve health in multiple areas:

  • How To Start
  • Top 10 foods list
  • Food Guide
  • Foods to Eat/Foods to Avoid

Fearless Keto Recipe Book: 40 pages of recipes that we use daily in our home:

  • 7 Breakfasts
  • 7 Lunches
  • 7 Dinners
  • 7 Desserts
  • Snacks
  • Several ways to adapt recipes for more variety

Fearless Keto Shopping List: 8 pages of tips to help you shop for quality Keto foods

  • Printable shopping list
  • Tips for combining foods for the best health and nutrients
  • Tips for saving money on Keto foods

This product is a digital download. All files are digital; nothing is shipped.

The Ketogenic diet, or Keto for short, is a high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate diet.

  • Most of your calories come from fat, but don’t let that scare you. You will not be eating cups of butter. Fat has twice as many calories per gram as protein, so you won’t have to eat much to get your daily calories or to feel full. Plus most meat contains fat so you won’t have to add any there.
  • You need a macro-nutrient tracker in the beginning to figure out the right amount of protein to eat for your body, your age, and your activity level. This gives you a daily baseline so you can shop and prepare meals without waste. I provide a link to my favorite free tracker in the welcome eBook.
  • Your carbohydrates should come from vegetables and berries (which are super-foods that contain a lot of nutrients). You get plenty of fiber on Keto.


This product is a digital download. After you complete the checkout, you will get a link to download your product. 

  • All files are digital; nothing is shipped.
  • Because of the nature of instant downloads, there are no refunds.

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