Kickstart Your Ketovore Kit

An Elimination Diet For People Who Are Sick of Guessing What The Problem Might Be...

You're passionate about eating right, but lately you've noticed some strange health issues like...

– Sleep problems: Waking up in the night, possibly multiple times…and it’s taking longer to get back to sleep.

– Joint Pain: Your joints ache all the time and those anti-inflammatory drugs are just not cutting it.

– You are starting to wonder if you may be pre-diabetic. It’s just a feeling, but it’s one of the things that you think about when you wake up in the middle of the night.

You follow health guidelines, try new “super foods”, and eat your half plate of veggies

You believe that you are doing everything right, but you just don’t feel healthy. In fact, some days you can’t remember when you last felt good.

And you wonder if you are somehow a failure at eating. How can that be? Everyone has to eat so why is it a problem for you?

You're Not The Problem...The game is "rigged" against you

There is so much conflicting information “out there”. It complicates something that should be instinctive and simple. It makes us all feel like failures.

Maybe you tried to follow the Government food guidelines, but that did not help. For good reason.

Government guidelines are just that…guidelines.

They do not work for everyone.

And yet, they are promoted as the true path to excellent health.

We are all different, and we have different dietary needs.

In fact, these food guidelines have been created to promote trade, not health.

Unfortunately, eating all these off-season foods, grains, and convenience foods are making people sick…at a cellular level.


I resisted trying this way of eating…until I felt so horrible that I had nothing left to lose!

Six months later, and I’ve never felt healthier and more like myself. I used to have brain fog and simple tasks were overwhelming me mentally.

Within a few short weeks, my brain fog was gone and I had lost 10 pounds.

I am down 45 pounds in 6 months and I have my confidence back.

 ~ Grace, Dispatcher

Enter A New Way

Hi! I’m Irma and I have been on a quest for the past 10 years to fix my health.

I’ve tried multiple diets and eating plans. Many times I felt bloated and unhealthy after. And I kept getting more health issues, like brain fog and insomnia.

The Standard American Diet was full of foods that were causing rampant inflammation in my body. When I ditched those foods, and switched to Ketovore, my body started to heal itself.

The way that nature intended it to.

Ketovore is a combination of the Keto diet and the Carnivore Diet. It works like an elimination diet because you eat a minimal number of foods per day while monitoring the results.

You eat meat and good quality fat, and add in seasonal veggies whenever you want to eat them.

Believe me when I say, you will not be hungry.

Ketovore allows you to eat good quality whole food with more than enough nutrients to keep you full and satisfied while helping your body to heal.

Did I tell you the best part? Many Ketovore foods are simple to prepare, like grilled meat with a salad. Or use a slow cooker (or slow-roast in the oven) on your busier days.

And yes, there are desserts and snacks! Anyone who says Ketovore is restricted has not tried it.

Eating Ketovore Brings These Health Results...

  • Eliminate sugar-related health issues like yeast overgrowth (Candida)
  • Stop food addictions
  • Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Heal Anemia
  • Heal Anxiety and Depression
  • Balance your hormones to feel calmer. Less PMS symptoms.
  • Resolve Sleep Apnea
  • Heal Eczema

Get rid of inflammation and watch your health improve in real time.

Included in the Kit is…

  • BONUS – Zero Carb Food List, which are foods that you can eat as much as you want to (14 pages) $15
  • BONUS – Carnivore Diet, Fat Fast, and Egg Fast are all alternate ways to eat if you hit a plateau or want to switch things up (26 page guide for all 3) $27 value
  • BONUS – Intermittent Fasting guide to help you turbo-charge your results (24 pages) $24 value
  • BONUS – 100 Affirmations to help you stay positive, reach goals, and stay and on track (17 pages) $20 value
  • Combined total: 186 pages. Value $158

What would it be like to…

  • Feel like yourself again?
  • To have a full night’s sleep?
  • Wake up refreshed and with legit energy?
  • Ready to ditch the chronic pain?
  • Able to think clearly without double-and-triple checking your work?
  • No crazy food cravings or feeling like you’ve lost control over your food choices?
  • Feel balanced and relaxed?


Simple, healthy food that tastes great.

Eat the way people used to eat before processed food became staple food in North America.

Plenty of helpful tips for most situations, like dining out or eating at social events.

Intermittent Fasting comes naturally on low carb.

Double the benefits of improved health by not eating

(It’s true!)

7 Days of meals, with adaptations for even more choices.

There is even snacks.

And did I mention that there is dessert recipes??

No expensive meal kits here.

Home cooking is healthier. Fresh food costs less and is better for you.

You choose the ingredients that you are comfortable eating.

Don't Wait Another Second To Get The Health That You Deserve.

Ketovore is a high-fat, higher protein way of eating designed to force your body to burn your body fat for fuel. This process is called Ketosis, and is a normal state for most people. In fact, most people do better in this state.

Ketosis is also the best way to feed your brain, since it is roughly 60% fat. Low-fat diets deprive your brain of its primary fuel.

People have eaten a basic diet of only a few foods daily for thousands of years. It is only with the invention of modern chilling/freezing/shipping methods that we have the vast number of food choices that are currently available.

This is unnatural and unhealthy for many people.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ketovore:

What if I don’t eat meat?

Ketovore is a high-protein diet.

If you can combine non-meat proteins into complete proteins, while keeping your carbohydrates low enough to achieve dietary ketosis, you can do Ketovore.

Add in good quality fat, like avocado, and you’re good to go.

I’ve heard that Ketovore has high cholesterol…isn’t that unhealthy?

Cholesterol has been demonized in the media, but the cholesterol that we eat, in healthy foods like eggs, is NOT the same as the cholesterol in your blood stream.

If you do not have enough cholesterol, your body will make what it needs. This shows us that cholesterol is required for good health.

Doesn’t fat make you fat??

No. Our bodies require fat for many functions, like cell growth, protecting your organs, and producing important hormones.

In fact many women get depressed when they do not have enough quality fat in their diets.

So called vegetable oils are made using solvents and they cause inflammation.

Doesn’t red meat cause cancer?

No. Some “experts” lump red meat in with processed meats, like hot dogs.

Red meat is plain meat and is a food millions of people eat daily and have done so for thousands of years.

Don’t we need half a plate of vegetables to be healthy?

No. You can eat vegetables that are in-season locally where you live, if you want.

What about fiber?

On Ketovore, you eat mostly meat and fat, which takes longer to digest because your body is extracting all the nutrients.

As well, you can eat seasonal veggies (and in-season berries), which is the best quality fiber to eat.

Fiber supplements are only necessary on the Standard American Diet.

Refund Exception:

Although our policy is no refunds on digital products, I want to ensure that you have a chance to review my teaching style in case you are new here. After reviewing your kit, if you feel that it is not right for you, please email within 48 hours of your purchase and we will process your refund.


I cannot guarantee you specific results. I can only share my personal practices around improving my health.

This digital course contains everything I know about using Ketovore-specific foods to improve health. I have searched the internet to discover these tips and use them in my own life, and so I present them to you. I believe these tips work and I believe in the concept of clean eating and low carb foods to improve health.

However, I do not guarantee results. Your results may or may not be typical.

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