21 Day Weight Loss Challenge - Are You In?

Turn Small Daily Habits Into The Lasting Change That Improves Your Health

21 – DAY Weight Loss Challenge eBook with bonus food & water trackers



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21 Day Weight Loss Challenge eBook

20 page Guide of Daily Action Steps

Move towards your goal in measured increments that ensure success

Initiate new behaviors simply and without the stress of big change

Eliminate resistance and hesitation because the change is so simple

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Using MICRO HABITS To Achieve Big Results

49 page step-by-step Guide Teaches You How You Can Make Small Changes For Big Success

Learn How To Build a New Micro Habit and Then Integrate That Habit Into Your Daily Life

You Can Make Your Micro Habits “Stick” So They Cancel Out Your Bad Habits


Are You Ready To Lose Weight Permanently?

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Take control over mindless eating by creating healthy routines, a little bit each day.

In 21 days you will have new, helpful habits that develop effortlessly!

I have been using Micro Habits since I started eating a Carnivore Diet in 2019.

I needed to break free from mindless eating and generally eating foods that made my health worse.

When I realized that making tiny changes was making a big impact on improving my health, I started using them in all areas of my life to make the positive changes I wanted.

– Irma, Fearlessly Holistic

Government guidelines would have us believe that we must eat a certain way and if we cannot lose weight, then it our fault and not the fault of the one-size-fits-all guidelines.

But this does not allow for the fact that many people are actually allergic to some of the foods they eat.  And moreso if they are processed foods. This causes inflammation which makes weight loss impossible.

Take charge of what you eat, and when, by creating good habits that work for your body and health goals. Eat what is right for your unique body.

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