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Keto…low carb is my preferred way of eating. Mostly meat and butter, with seasonal salads; that is my optimal diet.

The list of health issues that are gone from my body is growing all the time. From no longer having Astigmatism in my one eye (which supposedly does not happen) to giving my dental hygienist nothing to do because me teeth are already clean, Keto is fixing everything.

Products To Help You Lose Weight and/or Quit Sugar

Fearless Keto Diet KitA welcome guide full of tips for anyone wanting to start Keto diet, a Recipe book with 7 full days of recipes and adaptations to give you choices, a companion shopping list (with a printable version) and a Journal/Planner that helps you get your thoughts aligned with your health goals.

Keto for BeginnersThis simple guide will  help you understand why Keto works so well and then help you start keto diet. Includes 2 yummy recipes that show you how versatile Keto diet is, as well as tips for finding a good free food tracker.

Sugar Detox ($19)- Get a 4 week plan, 21 day detox guide, recipes and everything you need to know about artificial sweeteners. Start today!


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