Not sure if keto is right for you? Get this absolute beginners guide for what to eat on keto diet and how to get started 👇🏼

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I want everyone to be healthier

It is my aim here at Fearlessly Holistic, to help women who are tired of being tired, tired of being hooked on unhealthy foods, or who are tired of being in the same place with their health as they were last year.

With simple daily tweaks, you can start losing weight right away.

Life is too short for rice cakes. Eat the yummy food that humans have eaten since the beginning of life on earth, and have the amazing health you have always deserved.

I’ve taken all my best tips and put them into my blog content, as well as my:

  • Free Keto Food List
  • My Keto for Beginners course
  • The Fearless Keto Diet Kit

My Keto for Beginners course is a next-step for those new to Keto diet. It contains all the information and reasons you need to switch to a clean, whole foods diet for effortless weight loss and overall health improvements. All the beginners help is here, like counting macros, dealing with keto flu and includes two yummy recipes to get you started.

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Hi, I'm Irma

I’ve been doing low-carb eating since Atkin’s was a thing. I’ve tried most of the keto diet plans, including carnivore.

I suffered from so many crazy health issues and was getting no help from doctors, so I took my health into my own hands and combined the best parts of the low carb diets and created what I call “seasonal ketovore“, a clean, whole foods keto diet that relies on fresh in-season veggies and berries as well as clean, and whenever possible local, meat, poultry and fish.

I lost 25 pounds, stopped joint pain, I sleep better, have no more depression, stopped going to the dentist and I have improved my eyesight…just from clean keto diet.

If you want to see what I eat every day, click the link for my TikTok, and be sure to like and follow me on social. Thank you.

Fearless Keto Diet Kit

This is the big one!

This all-in-one kit, which has been downloaded over 350 times, comes with everything you need to be successful on keto diet: recipes, a more detailed shopping list, a more detailed getting started guide, and even a planner to help you figure out your goals and track your progress.

As a special bonus, you also get:

Keto for Beginners and the Goal Setting Guide