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Fearlessly Holistic
Irma…Holistic Detective extraordinaire!

Hello! I am Irma, a holistic health detective of sorts.

This website was created so that I can share what I know about improving health without the assistance of medical “professionals”.

It is my goal to help people by sharing my stories and how I fixed myself after the pro’s botched it, using multiple methods to improve things holistically.

Holistic = Treating the whole person (not just one symptom)

If you are tired of seeking help from doctors, only to be given another prescription, a diabetic diet, unnecessary minor surgery, unhelpful advice, or other health concerns,

I urge you to fix your diet first.

'All diseases begin in the gut' - Greek philosopher HippocratesClick To Tweet

You may find, as I did, that eating clean, whole foods improves almost every aspect of your life.

That is because fast food and processed foods are full of “non-food” ingredients, created in a lab.

Products like corn oil (how do you get oil from corn? Use solvents!), which is an unnatural substance. It causes inflammation in your body. Then your white blood cells go into high alert, sending available troops to kill the invaders.

It is now believed that inflammation is the root cause of most disease.

Food “items” that are lab-created are not real food, regardless of what the FDA says.

Your body knows that this is not real food, hence the inflammation.

Your body has to send troops (aka white blood cells) to get rid of these foreign substances every time you ingest them.

And if you eat a lot of these foreign substances, like in a fast food meal, then your immune system is working over-time and has no time to fix other health issues.

So now you cannot lose weight or fix your health.

Because your body is busy trying to eliminate the invaders (aka processed food).

Yes, it really is that simple.

If you wonder why you always have hay-fever, even in winter, check your diet.

Can’t lose weight? Check your diet.

Gut issues (bloating, gas, nausea, diahrrhea, constipation)? Check your diet.

Brain fog, depression, anxiety, panic disorder? Check your diet.

Dry skin, hair problems, splitting fingernails? Check your diet.

I used to believe that doctors and other health professionals knew what they were doing.

But after working in health care, I believe I know the truth…doctors, nurses, dieticians only know what they have been taught.

I know this from taking a course in Holistic Nutrition, where the text books push the authors viewpoint on health.

Vegetarian author? Vegetarianism is the only health solution.

Vegan author? Veganism is the only health solution.

They don’t look at the whole person.

They are zealots pushing an agenda, so no help there.

I tried going vegetarian, but I was more depressed and I missed eating meat. Therefore that agenda did not apply to me.

If vegetarianism doesn’t work for you? Well, maybe you need a pill for that.

Why help people if you can hook them up to prescriptions, which pay pharmaceutical companies forever? And get free stuff (like kick-backs) for doing it?

For me, Keto and more specifically, Ketovore is changing my life:

Brain fog – Gone

Depression/Anxiety/Panic Attacks – Gone

Joint pain – Gone

Dry Skin and Dull Hair – Gone

Candida/Toenail Fungus (Ewwwww!) – Gone

Gut Pain- Almost gone

Sunburn- Never happens now

And a side benefit is losing some stubborn weight! And Coronavirus did not affect my family at all.

FYI: gaining weight is a symptom that your immune system is maxed out.

As soon as you get inflammation under control, your body can go to work helping you lose weight. Easy-peasy.

One diet does not fit all

Why? Because everyone is different. And we live in different places. And we live different lives. So why should everyone eat the same diet?

Because that’s what they teach in dietician school.

And why do they teach that?

Because the government has to keep some businesses producing to keep the economy moving.

Why else would you encourage people to eat fresh fruit that is out of season where you live?

To keep trade lines intact.

Who cares if the other country sprays their strawberries with chemicals banned in your country? Just be quiet and buy them.

“You must have 5 fruits and veggies daily even if they aren’t ripe and are covered in pesticides that make your immune system go haywire. It’s what our guidelines demand!”

So, are you in??

If you think that this site might be helpful to your health, then please share my website with your friends. Or anyone that you think can benefit from it.

The quicker we get healthier, the quicker we can help others.

Then we can worry about other stuff.

Do you have questions or concerns about content on my website? Please contact me at irma@fearlesslyholistic.com

I am in the process of creating some printable handouts, so watch for those. And I’ll see you on the inside!

To our health!

-Irma 🙂