About Me

Hey there!

Welcome to my website on all things low-carb, self-care and manifesting. This is what I am using to improve my health, both physical and mental, and to live the life that want.

I have used my researchers brain to figure out what was causing my health woes and how to fix most of them without surgery, prescription drugs, and the Standard American Diet…you know, the one recommended by doctors and dieticians, which made my health worse.

I want to share what I know to help others see that we know more about our bodies than anyone else, so we have the knowledge to help ourselves far more than any doctor, if we only listen to what our body is trying to tell us.

Keep in mind that doctors are a fairly new thing. Yes, we have had healers for centuries, but most people ate good food, worked outside doing physical labor and got plenty of sunshine and so were healthy.

We may not live in the same conditions, but we can do a lot of that and by doing so will get those same health benefits.

Why I started this website

I believe that God has given me this platform to help others.

It is my destiny to present what helped me to others who may need it.

Every day I ask God what step to take or what action I need to do. Every day God tells me the answer and I do it.

And my life gets better.

My Core Beliefs:

I believe that I am here to share my knowledge with the people who are looking for it.

I believe that humans inherently know what to do about health or money, but we are told to trust the advice of others first.

I believe that seeking joy, balance, and prosperity in all areas of life is the key to a good life.

I believe that happiness is a choice. When we change our thinking, we change the results we get.

I believe that all people have voices to share, and if everyone does this we will have a global marketplace of people helping people.

The better you feel about yourself, the better the message you give to others. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, so keep working on improving your own message.

I also believe that to be successful in life, you gotta stay in your own lane, and share what you know from your own perspective.

I believe that all people can increase their wealth (money, optimum health, all day joy) if they focus on helping others.

I created this site as a resource for other people to come and find potential answers for their own life.

I have learned to trust my intuition…my inner guidance…as the source of my strength.

I fully believe that by eating whole, clean foods and by monitoring my feelings about things that happen in my life, I can achieve my dreams.

When I finally learned to process my feelings, with journaling and EFT/tapping, I got rid of a lot of anger and frustration in my life. I was mentally de-cluttering.

But nature abhors a vacuum, so clearing out unhelpful thinking left space to put helpful, positive thinking in as well as a desire to be grateful for what I have.

And it also motivated me to share what I have learned with others.

I changed my diet; I was on the keto diet and then I went further and now eat a seasonal low-carb, sometimes carnivore, diet.

I work on my mental health to stay as stress-free as possible using tools like EFT/Tapping, journaling, meditating, and going for long walks.

I practice manifesting what I want into my life. I you need help with this, read my blog post How To Manifest For Beginners. In it, I explain how to get started changing your thinking and why a positive mindset will propel you towards your dream life faster than anything.

I want you to succeed. I want you to enjoy your life and to be able to pass on your joy to others. I want to help, in whatever way I can.

If you want direct help, you can email me at irma@fearlesslyholistic.com. I will get back to you asap.

To our health!

-Irma 🙂