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Hi there!

Welcome to my website on all things Keto, mental health and self-care. I believe these 3 topics are what has improved my health and circumstances.

Briefly, I have suffered a serious of mental breakdowns due to poor physical health (low fat diet…ugh) and even worse mental health. You see, I had been making all of my decisions based on the advice of other people.

Health advice from doctors and dieticians (“eat a low fat”); mental health advice from other doctors who gave me prescription drugs.

When I finally hit rock bottom…again…what pulled me out was God directing me to Louise Hay and Brad Yates, of Tap with Brad.

I listened to Louise Hay affirmations over and over in my car as I drove back and forth to a job I hated with my very being. The more I listened and repeated some of them, the better I started to feel.

At home, I tapped through how awful I felt about my life and my past. And I tapped a lot about the job that I hated.

It took a while, but eventually I created a crack big enough to let in more help that God wanted me to have.

Fixing mental health is priority. Once you start clearing out the junk, or de-cluttering your mind, possibilities start to emerge and you find new directions to go in.

Go. Follow those paths. Your dream life is on one of them.

I urge you to work on your diet while you work on your mental health, if these are your issues as well.

I was totally addicted to sugar, because the low fat diet is very high in carbs. Carbs, and especially processed carbs, turn to sugar in your body.

Processed food in general causes inflammation and give many people brain fog, which makes making decisions harder and more complicated. #me

Tapping I did for my mental health. It helps to release bad or negative energy around your feelings and memories.

For many people, myself included, we hold on to thoughts and feelings. Ideally, we should process them immediately, but that is not always possible, like with grief.

So we push them away to deal with other things and end up with a bunch of unresolved feelings clogging up our minds.

Plus we do not learn anything from the experiences. Instead, we get angry and frustrated because we seem to keep having the same issues over and over.

That is because we are not processing our feelings about the situation and using the feedback to make changes to our lives.

It is important for each of us to learn about what we like and don’t like in any given situation.

For example, I kinda-sorta knew that I hated my job, but I did not know what I wanted to do about it because where I live had limited employment choices. I felt blessed to have full-time, year ’round work with benefits.

I was very conflicted. I felt stuck.

And when I told people what I really wanted to do, they said I was crazy and irresponsible and that I would ruin my child’s life.

So I stayed far longer than I should have. I listened to other people who told me that I could not do any better (that is a big fat lie!).

It took a second mental breakdown to get me down far enough to seek out weird and strange “woo-woo” stuff that eventually brought me back to the light.

That lesson was important for me to learn so that I could move forward making better choices.

Because nothing is impossible for God. And that means that if we are following the path God lays out for us, nothing is impossible for us.

I have started to really pay attention to what I like and don’t like.

And you know what I discovered?

Half of the stuff I thought mattered to me I only liked because someone else in my life encouraged me to like it.

It was not part of the real me.

As well, because I had allowed my self-esteem to get quite low, due to a lack of self-care, I was allowing all sorts of riff-raff into my life that seemed to be in my life to keep me down.

So I ditched everyone that I could while I searched for what I was supposed to be doing and the people I needed that could help me do it.

Why I started this website

I believe that God has given me this platform to help others.

It is my destiny to present what helped me to others who may need it.

I have prayed many times in my life, and did not feel close to God. Now I know it is because I was asking the wrong questions.

I was asking from a place of “what’s in it for me”.

Now I ask from a place of “what does God need me to do today?”

  • If God directs me to give money to a specific charity, I do. And God blesses me with more money to give.
  • If God tells me to go out and visit someone, I make plans to do that. And God blesses me with more people to help me.
  • If God directs me to write about an issue I have or used to have, I write about it. And God gives my life joy.

I listen to my intuition, which I believe is the Holy Spirit. And now I get good advice. I do not question it.

Every day I ask God what step to take or what action I need to do. Every day God tells me the answer and I do it. And my life gets better.

I created this site as a resource for other people to come and find potential answers for their own life.

My new habits that I do pretty much every day:

  • Tapping. As issues come up for me, I go to YouTube and see if Brad has a video about that topic. He almost always does.
  • Journaling. Even if it is just a sideways glance from a store clerk, I  journal my feelings about it.
  • Keto/Ketovore. I eat low-carb, with or without veggies. It helps to eliminate brain fog, so I make better decisions.
  • Sunshine. Ain’t no sunscreen on me! I start sitting outside at noon in April as the weather warms up. I build a bit of a base-tan, grabbing some precious vitamin D from the sun. Sunscreen inhibits the production of vitamin D in the body.

If you want better things in your own life and are ready for change, God may have directed you here to get some ideas.

Look around, see if anything resonates with you and check it out. Discard the rest until you are ready to learn about that topic.

We deserve the best life possible. But the onus is on us to find what works to improve our lives, by listening to our inner guide and trying the new things we are encouraged to try. Like tapping. Or Keto.

So if you have made it this far down the page, I just want to say welcome again. You are in the right place! Take what you need.

To our health!

-Irma 🙂