Affirmations And Positive Thinking

Affirmations and positive thinking

If you are new to using affirmations and positive thinking to get what you want…I have good news! This guide will help you get started on the road to better thoughts. Thoughts that will help you reach your dreams faster than you could have dreamed… Hello and welcome to Fearlessly Holistic. My name is Irma … Keep Reading…

How To Manifest For Beginners

How to manifest for beginners

How to manifest for beginners is your guide to creating the life that you want. When I first heard of the law of attraction, via the movie The Secret, I thought it was all woo-woo…but with a hint of truth. Enough of a hint that I did not dismiss it outright. Instead, I kept it … Keep Reading…

Top Ten Best Podcasts for Ketovore

Top Ten Best podcasts for Ketovore

Today I am listing my top 10 podcasts for Ketovore. Why podcasts? Because I can listen while I do house or yard work and I pick up little snippets of helpful information. As I research health advice, I find that Keto is the exact opposite of conventional dietary wisdom, which states that everyone should follow … Keep Reading…

Cultivating Emotional Balance with Journaling

emotional balance with journaling

You can start cultivating emotional balance today. If you’ve had a lot of stress lately, and really who hasn’t,  you may not feel very hopeful about life. Compounding stressors can leave you feeling frazzled and emotional. But the good news is that you can off-load your stress onto the pages of your journal or notebook … Keep Reading…

Countering Negative Thoughts

countering negative thoughts

Today we’re countering the negative thoughts that can derail your attempts at success. Whether changing careers or fixing health issues, it’s good to move forward with a positive attitude. A negative mindset holds you back from reaching your true potential. But it doesn’t have to! I have tips for shifting out of negative thinking, as … Keep Reading…

Organic Eating On A Budget for Beginners

organic eating

Organic eating on a budget is not as hard, or as expensive,  as you might think. Today we look at: What does organic mean? Benefits to eating organic How to start eating organic food Important tips when you shop for organic foods Buying organic while on a budget When hearing the phrase “living more organically”, … Keep Reading…

Clean Eating Tips For Beginners

clean eating tips

Today’s clean eating tips for beginners is about what to eat when you’re away from home. Eating clean at home is relatively easy. You cook what you want to eat and provided you have the right ingredients in your fridge and pantry you shouldn’t be too tempted by takeout and fast food. Things get a … Keep Reading…