How to Do The Scripting Manifestation Method

In today’s post we are learning about the scripting manifestation method. Scripting mani-what?

  • Scripting is writing down what you want, in present tense.
  • Manifesting is actively working to create your desires.

So scripting manifesting is combining the two to create a manifestation practice that works for people who enjoy scripting/journaling.

There are lots of techniques for manifesting, and I will be covering many of them in the future. That way you have lots of options to do manifesting your way.

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What is Scripting?

I have been scripting for over a year now, and while I have been journaling for much longer, scripting is different from journaling, in a particular way.

Scripting is writing out your dreams and desires in your journal or notebook, as if you are writing a script of how you want the ‘movie’ of your life to be.

It helps if you have spent time considering what you want and how it would improve your quality of life.

The more benefits you have for your desires, the simpler it can be to obtain them.

There are many advantages to scripting, but the main benefit is the eye-to-brain connection.

That is, as you write out your dreams, your eyes see what you are writing and imprint that information in your brain.

Your brain won’t necessarily jump to bring you your dreams the first time.

But as you keep writing them, your brain will get the message that you are serious about your desire and it will start finding ways to bring that to you.

We all had to learn the alphabet by rote, aka memorization. Scripting is similar. Many courses on goal setting will say the same thing…write your goals out with paper and pen or pencil…often.

The basics of scripting manifesting are to think about what you want, and to write them down as vividly as possible and feeling positive feelings – about how it would feel to have the thing – in the process.

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is a term used to describe actively working towards achieving our dreams. Our goal is to bring them into reality, which is manifesting.

With manifesting, you use different techniques – like visualization – to get into a mental state where you can believe that you have the thing you desire.

The idea is to make the thing you want feel real right now.

The more you can feel that the thing you want is already yours, the more the universe will rearrange things to bring it to you.

So if you want a new sports car, you would imaging sitting in the driver’s seat, the feel of the steering wheel in your hands, the new car smell etc.

If you can bring most of your senses into the visualization, you can make it more real.

But you are not required to visualize; visualization is another tool that we can use to help us get clear about what we want.

If visualizing does not work for you, scripting your dreams might.

Scripting Manifestation Method
PIN IT!! Scripting Manifestation Method

Scripting Manifestation Method

Scripting is pretty easy to do, once you get the hang of it.

With scripting, you write out what you want – in present tense – as if you are living it. You can still visualize about the sports car, but now you are writing out your experience of owning and driving it.

And it really is a ‘script’.

Write out lots of details…all of the benefits of having the thing.

The more the thing you want can make your life better, the more you can script about it.

So don’t just write about the thing “I want a brand new super fast sports car” and its physical benefits.

Scripting Manifestation Examples

When scripting, write about how much better your life is for having it

For example, “I am driving my new car and I found the most amazing route that I have never noticed before. I was able to really open ‘er up and see how fast I could go. It’s thrilling and I feel so alive! I love my new car!”

Adding details such as how confident you feel now that you have an awesome new car or how much happier you are now that you have lost 1o pounds, etc.

If it helps, go online and find something that is similar to what you want.

  • So for the sports car, go to the website and take a look at the specs.
  • Look for videos of people driving that kind of vehicle.
  • If you have that kind of dealership nearby, go sit in one and visually absorb the details.

You may find yourself visualizing while you script, which is perfectly fine. Whatever works!

Scripting Manifestation for Weight Loss or Fitness

Visualizing how great you feel in your new toned body may help you to discover benefits that you can then use in your scripting. It can also motivate you to take action to reach your goals.

Try sitting comfortably, closing your eyes and running your hands down the sides of your body. Imagine that you feel toned muscles and firm skin. How good does that feel?

Now imagine that you are in a new swimsuit and you feel amazing.

You look at your fit body and tell yourself how good you feel! You head to the pool and all your friends and family are telling you how great you look! It makes you feel so positive about the changes that you made and how that is paying off for you.

Open your eyes and write down as much as you can.

Make sure to use all the good feelings you feel while you script.

Try to think of as many situations where people will notice your new body when you see them.

Social events, camping trips, business meetings…use any situation that gives people who have not seen you for a while a chance to ask you what you have been doing to look so great.

Script out all of the situations. You can go back and review each one as you write new scripts, until the feelings are so real they cannot help but manifest.


I have only been testing out scripting since last fall, and it was kind of hit-or-miss for me until I actively started to do scripting every day. Since I made the scripting manifestation method a daily practice, I am getting much better results with my goals.

And I have noticed that my mood is better when I do scripting.

I feel so much more hopeful, which also helps with manifesting

I currently use visualization, scripting, journaling and EFT/tapping to do my manifesting. I am also fond of affirmations (short positive statements).

It is important to figure out what techniques work for you and then do them often, daily if possible, for at least a few weeks to get things rolling. Ditch the negative energy and grab more positive vibes.

Holism targets overall wellness, and when we are well, we only get better with age.

Eat the best food that you can afford, practice self-care, mind your stressors and enjoy life!

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Until next time, here’s to our health!

– Irma xo

How to Do The Scripting Manifestation Method

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