Positive Daily Affirmations – for Beginners

Positive daily affirmations may sound woo-woo, but don’t knock it. You may have been repeating negative affirmations without even knowing it, and sabotaging yourself in the process.

Whether you believe it or not, you can attract anything in your life that you give attention to, because like attracts like.

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool that can make the opposite happen. By believing in a thought or sentence and repeating it to yourself regularly, you have the power to attract more positivity to your life.

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Why You Might Want To Create Positive Daily Affirmations

Actually, I can
Actually, I can

Your words are incredibly powerful, and when done correctly, positive affirmations can be an impactful tool that will help you find the power to accomplish things that you didn’t think was possible.

However, affirmations only work if you believe them.

A quick tip for helping you understand the power of positive daily affirmations is to realize that they increase your ‘vibration’.

Everything on earth has a vibration, which can be seen using an electron microscope. Some things vibrate faster than others.

For a very detailed explanation on vibration, read this from Bruel & Kjaer, which is very science-y. The point is, scientists know that the world is vibrating.

In the world of positive thinking, positive thoughts attract positive events.

And even if you do not believe it, you know in your heart that it is true. Have you ever:

  • Held positive thoughts about a job you were applying for?
  • Hoped that someone you just met would contact you again?
  • Or that you would ace a test of some kind, like your drivers license?

These are all circumstances where you were vibrating at a higher level because you were putting positive vibes out there.

The same holds true for ‘negative’ events, however they do not cause an increase in vibration…they cause low vibrations.

People who grumble and complain do not usually get what they want, which causes more grumbling and complaining.

We all know that person who just cannot seem to be positive about anything. Their life is okay, but…

So today we will learn how to get started with daily positive affirmations.

The reason for the daily part is that practicing daily helps it become a habit.

You will not wake up one day having 100% positivity. But you can wake up and move the needle a bit every day until you get close.

As you become more positive in your thinking, you will start to notice things showing up your life that give you more information on what you want.

And that is how the magic happens!

So if your dream is to own a big new house, you may see more opportunities to check out open houses, to see what’s new in real estate.

And by visiting the open house, you can check out current design trends. This may help you adjust your dream in some way by noting what you like and do not like about a brand new home.

By acting on the opportunities that present themselves, you learn more about what you like.

This helps you more effectively reach for your dream item.

Effective positive affirmations can help you hone in on what you really want, in case you are not 100% sure.

This is a good thing!

You may think you want that big promotion at work, until you find out that you have to work twice as many hours.

Or you may want to start hiking, until you discover go hiking with a friend and decide that you would rather do indoor climbing.

Here are 4 things that you need to know about how to create positive affirmations that you can believe in and achieve all your life’s greatest desires.

1. Identify What You Want

To get started writing a positive affirmation for your life, you have to think about what you really want.

This can be a basic list that looks like:

  • 250K a year income
  • All of your relationships are positive ones
  • Your health is the best it has ever been

Think about what would make your life happier and write those thoughts down. This does not need to be an exhaustive list; as your thoughts change, so will your wants and desires. Roll with it.

The important part is that you start practicing getting clear about what you want without worrying about the when or the how.

2. List the Attributes You’ll Need

When you’ve identified what you want, the next step is determining the attributes that you’ll need to achieve your goal.

You should list between four and six things. You attributes are the things that you need to be, rather than the things that you need to do.

Once you’ve written these out, circle a few that you believe to be the most essential attributes that you will need to embody to reach your goal.

For some, an attribute may be determination.

For others, an attribute may be a willingness to believe that your desires are possible for you.

This is for people who cannot fathom how they will get what they want and they need to be convinced that change is possible for them.

For example, if you have tried multiple diets to lose weight and nothing works, so you think to yourself “I am a person who cannot lose weight”.

Start off with being willing to believe that things can change with an affirmation like “I am willing to be healthier”.

Some other attributes are:

  • Trust (I believe in myself)
  • Courage (I will apply for jobs outside my area of expertise because I want to learn new things)
  • Calmness (I know my new job is right for me so I will relax and enjoy it)
  • Being open-minded (I am willing to try [a new way of eating] or  I am willing to learn algebra)

3. Write Your Affirmation

Once you have your desires and attributes written down, it’s time to create your affirmation.

You want to create a statement that is between one and two sentences, and that states the goal and attributes in a positive and empowering way.

This can be challenging for people new to this way of thinking, but practice makes perfect right? Write down any ideas as they come to you and repeat them out loud.

In the case of your attribute being ‘determination’, an affirmation may be: I will make 250K this year.

For a willingness attribute, an affirmation may be: I am willing to improve my health.

4. Practice Your New Affirmation

Now that you’ve created an affirmation, it’s time to practice it and repeat it often. You want to be sure to repeat your affirmations every day.

To help you remember to say your statements you can:

  • Set a reminder on your phone or maybe set your phone’s background to a picture of your affirmation
  • Write two or three affirmations on sticky notes and place them around your home or office.

Do whatever works for you.

A tip that helped me is to write the affirmation out in your journal every morning.

Before you get into your day (before work or taking the kids to school), write out your dream life affirmations.

Getting in the habit of writing out your affirmations not only helps to cement them in your brain; the repetition also helps you to figure out if the affirmation is correct.

You can then adjust the affirmation to better match how you feel about the outcome.

Affirmations are incredibly helpful in helping you achieve your desires as long as you do them correctly.

You have the power to use your mind to create the future you desire. The goal here is to start practicing changing your thinking, no so much getting what you want.

That comes later.

As well, put a sticky note affirmation near your bedside table and repeat it a few times before you fall asleep.

Thinking about the things that we want can help our brain focus on helping us get them.

You will get a better and more positive sleep and wake up more positive.

Positive Daily Affirmations
PIN IT!! Positive Daily Affirmations

How Using Affirmations Can Dramatically Change Your Life

Dream Big Set Goals Take Action
Dream Big Set Goals Take Action

When you first start to use positive affirmations, and the Law of Attraction, you begin to realize that you can influence your experiences in life by working on your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

Positive affirmations allow you to manifest all your heart’s desires by believing that what you want is indeed possible and feeling as if they were already yours.

If you wish to change your life and attain everything you desire, here’s how you can use positive affirmations to reach that goal.

Know What You Want

When it comes to affirmations, you have to know pretty much what you want to live a happier life.

  • Are you hoping to land a better job?
  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Is your dream to be able to purchase a new home?

Not only do you have to know what you are asking for, but you have to be mindful of how you’re asking for it.

Too many times, people will list what they don’t want. If you are having this problem, try thinking about the opposite to the negative thought.

“I hate my job” can become “I have a job that I love”. Part of the affirmation process is changing how we think about things.

And the process of saying out loud how you want things to be, like “I have a job that I love” means your brain will focus on helping you get that outcome.

It may be that:

  • Your job changes and becomes better
  • The situation that bothered you is gone and now you like your current job more
  • Or maybe another job opportunity comes along that is a better fit for you.

The process of changing our thinking can actually help us figure out what we really want.

And this is why we do not want affirmations that are too rigid, because that can stop better things from coming to us.

Know That You Have It

Your brain listens to the words that you say and takes action to help you get it.

If you say “I never get promotions”, your brain will go right to work helping to make that a reality for you…because it thinks that is what you really want.

In order to “trick” your brain into working to help you get better things, it is important for affirmations to not only be positive, but to be in the present tense.

If you say “I love my dream house” your brain will start going to work to give ideas that improve how you view your current home.

This is why visiting open houses is so fun.

If you go to an open house looking for ideas for your dream home, you will notice whether you like sliding barn doors in real life. They look good on home reno shows, but are they practical for your life?

As you become better at affirmations, you will figure out how to phrase your affirmations about the bigger and better home that you desire.

This will require that you can basically move through your dream home and see everything as you want it to be

From furniture placement to electrical switches and outside to the type of yard space you have.

I mean, it would suck to have an amazing dream home on a tiny postage-stamp sized lot because you forgot to think about your yard.

You need your dream home vision to be detailed so that your brain can bring it into your reality.

Your brain cannot do that with vague statements like “I want a bigger home”, which do not supply your brain with enough details.

This should be fun, so enjoy the experience of figuring out what really lights you up about your dream life.

You must feel that your dreams are your current reality.

The words you speak aren’t enough to imprint your subconscious with an idea or a vision, but require emotions to be triggered by the words you speak.

Your affirmations need to be believable, and you need to consider them possible if you want them to come to fruition.

So if your dream is to own a house, your affirmation should be “I love living in my dream home”, which is a reality that you desire.

For your affirmations to be effective, you will need to train yourself to think of what is possible for you.

Then start thinking about it in detail.

Feel What You Already Have

If you want to be able to generate a positive emotional state, you have to be able to imagine how it will feel to have achieved your goal.

The feelings you have about achieving your goal are what needs to be manifested to generate what you are asking for.

You can practice visualization for this. Visualization allows you to daydream about what you want and practice thinking about it as a reality.

Vacation in Egypt
Vacation in Egypt

So if you want to vacation somewhere tropical, start thinking about that would feel like:

  • Close your eyes (if it is safe to do so) and feel the sandy beach on your toes
  • Feel the warmth of the tropical sun on your face
  • Taste the salt from the ocean water as you swim in it

Get into the vibe of what it will feel like when you have what you want, and practice feeling it now.

  • Talk to the waiter who brings you a poolside cocktail.
  • Speak with shop clerks as you purchase a new outfit because it is warmer than you packed for.
  • Taste the fresh seafood that you are having for dinner

What do you think will happen when you go on your dream holiday? Think about how you will spend your day, what you will buy, the different types of food you will eat and anything that helps you ‘get into it’.

Using Daily Affirmations to Get What You Want

Positive affirmations are positive self-talk. This is a powerful tool that you can use to help you develop a success mindset and get what you want in your life.

Affirmations are simple and easy to use, and can be incredibly useful. For most of us, the concept may be new.

You may need to read this post a few times to believe that affirmations can work.

That is a-okay. Do it.

It can take time to make positive changes, and it took me a few years to really put affirmations to work in my own life.

I found that I am the type of person who needs to write them out daily. And that practice gives me the quickest success with changing my thinking.

Use these tips as you start your journey with positive daily affirmations.

1. They Can Be Used Anywhere

The best thing about affirmations is that you can use them anywhere and at any time.

For example, if you’re heading into an interview for a new job, you can use a simple affirmation to help you calm your nerves.

By relaxing and taking a few deep breaths and repeating affirmations, you will start to relax, and your nervousness will begin to subside.

2. Keep Them Short

You want to make sure that you keep your affirmations simple, short, and to the point.

Your statements will be more effective when they are quick, one-liners that you can repeat to yourself over and over again, like on your drive to work.

Keeping them short will also help you remember them so that you can repeat them anywhere.

3. Keep Them Positive

Our subconscious minds can’t differentiate between a positive and negative affirmation and will take on either one.

Which is why negativity is so damaging…even listening to someone else be negative can cause a negative outcome in your own life.

If you say to yourself, “I am not going to fail this test,” your brain will hear, “going to fail this test.”

To keep your affirmations positive, you should instead say, “I am passing this test.”

4. Repeat Them Every Morning

Start to repeat your affirmations every morning to help support your goals for the day.

When you wake up in the morning, look at your schedule and come up with the best affirmation that will support the achievement of the goals for the day.

After some time, you may find some common positive affirmations that work best for you regularly. Examples are:

  • This is the best day ever
  • My co-workers will be in good moods and be extra helpful
  • Lunch with (insert friends name) will be positive

5. Record Them in Your Voice

Take the time to make a recording of you repeating your affirmations.

You can then listen to the tapes on your way to work or as needed. Consider adding some soothing music to the background to make them even more useful.

Affirmations are an incredibly powerful tool that you can use to help you manifest all your desires.

Helpful Tips for Writing Positive Affirmations

The beliefs that we hold are just patterns that we’ve learned and developed over the years.

There are a number of things throughout our lives that play a role in shaping our beliefs.

You control your thoughts
You control your thoughts

Some of these might be supporting and nurturing, while others might be roadblocks on our paths to achieving happiness.

Positive affirmations are a great way to change the barriers into supportive and encouraging truths. You can use positive affirmations to keep you moving forward.

Write Down Your Ideas

You may need to take the time to determine what areas of your life you want to improve.

Write down your ideas on how you would like your life to look and areas that you want to improve.

Do not worry about these ideas being a final outcome…you just need to start thinking about it.

After you’ve written down your thoughts, take a look at each of them and write down a few positive statements that reflect your vision for your future life.

Another tip that has helped me is to keep a notebook near your night table.

I tend to get a lot of ideas right before I fall asleep and I am now in the habit of writing them down.

The next day, I check out what I wrote to see if it viable. If it is, I pursue it. Trust your intuition.

Use the Present Tense

When you write down your affirmations, you want to be sure to write them in the present tense.

Write them down as though you are experiencing everything you desire right now.

You want to avoid using words like, “within the next two months. . .” because every time you use this affirmation you are saying to yourself and the universe that you are still two months away from achieving your goal.

After you use this affirmation for one month, you will still be saying, “within two months,” which tells the universe and your mind that you haven’t gotten any closer to achieving your goals.

Focus on What You Want

You need to write your affirmations in a way that forces them to focus on what you want in life, rather than what you are trying to eliminate or avoid in your life.

For example, rather than writing “I’m not addicted to alcohol,” a better option would be to write something like, “I am drug-free”.

If you aren’t sure about how to write an affirmation in the positive, then you can imagine that you’ve already accomplished whatever it is that you want to achieve and describe yourself in that positive light.

Writing positive affirmations is both an empowering and exciting experience.

Learn how to enjoy the process and try not to get caught up in the details of what you’re writing.

It is important to just go one step at a time, and learn how to better think positive thoughts.

As you become more positive in your thinking, what you really want will come forward.

The Best Ways to Use Positive Affirmations to Manage Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of life.

However, when stress levels remain high, they can start to have a detrimental effect on both your emotional and physical well-being.

A lot of stress is based on not knowing the outcome of a certain thing, like being promoted at work or whether your new diet will work.

Removing the need to know the outcome now can help alleviate a lot of stressors.

That is where ‘being willing to’ affirmations are helpful.

Thinking of things in terms of being willing to accept the outcome of the current change you want to make is better than trying to force an outcome that may not work in your real life.

Be willing to accept that getting what we want may be the first step, not the last.

Positive thinking is not just thinking happy thoughts; it is also about moving our thought from where they were to where we want them to go.

Trust the process of change and learn to relax into it.

Pay attention to what is happening as you move towards your goals and be ready to pivot if you need to.

It is imperative to find ways to manage stress. Repeating positive affirmations is a way for you to increase feelings of inner peace, and to combat daily stress.

The idea is to take the positive statements of what you want to manifest in your life and repeat them enough that they become a part of how you think and see the world.

Here are four ways to use positive affirmations to help you manage stress.


Repetition is powerful…just watch any child who is learning to read. Repetition is how we create bad habits and is how we can change them.

The most popular way that you can harness the power of affirmations is by merely repeating the affirmation to yourself regularly.

Saying them out loud to yourself several times a day, in the mornings or evenings, can be incredibly useful.

When you repeat them out loud, you hear them more clearly, which can make them more effective than if you were to repeat them to yourself mentally.

If you say an affirmation out loud and it sounds like a lie to you, switch over to an “I am willing” affirmation, such as “I am willing to be wealthy”.

Do-It-Yourself Recording

To hear your affirmations more times throughout the day, you can record yourself repeating the positive affirmations and play the recording

  • While you are driving
  • When you’re reading in the evenings
  • Or when you are exercising

Be sure to talk in a calm voice, and consider playing your favorite soothing music in the background.

DIY recordings are a great way to create a tailor-made experience for your specific needs.

Use Sticky Notes

A fun way to utilize your positive affirmations daily is by writing them down on sticky notes and placing them around your house to provide you with positive messages throughout the day.

You can put them on the refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, and other places that you see frequently.

This technique can be incredibly useful on its own, or you can use it with some of the other affirmation techniques as a reinforcement.

Try Mirror Work
Try Mirror Work

My favorite is mirror work, where you say an affirmation while looking into your eyes using a mirror.

Mirror work is especially effective when trying to change unhelpful and negative self-talk. Look into your eyes and say “I love you” multiple times in a day to help improve self-esteem.

If you got a lot of negative reinforcement as a child, this technique can be a powerful way to counteract that programming.

Most people are not deliberately trying to screw up kids, but they just do not realize what they are doing to other people when they are negative.


If you want to increase the effectiveness of your positive affirmations dramatically, you can use self-hypnosis with them.

Self-hypnosis is a way to cement your affirmations into your subconscious thinking much quicker than merely repeating them when you are in your normal conscious state.

While not all positive affirmations will be helpful in helping you relieve stress, most of them can effectively transition you into a better frame of mind and help you build resilience and help you find enjoyment in your life.

Look around YouTube for some positive-thinking self-hypnosis videos to see if they can work in your life.


I dismissed affirmations when I was seeking help for the massive stress that I dug myself into.

As I tried many different self-help techniques, I kept coming back to affirmations, but as I said, I was not doing them in a helpful way.

I am reformed now lol.

I like to write my affirmations first thing in the day. I write out the 5 that I think can help me for that day.

The next day, they may be 5 completely different affirmations as I adjust my thinking. Changing my life needs constant adjustments, but it is working for me.

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Positive Daily Affirmations - for Beginners

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