Top Ten Best Podcasts for Ketovore

Today I am listing my top 10 podcasts for Ketovore. Why podcasts? Because I can listen while I do house or yard work and I pick up little snippets of helpful information.

As I research health advice, I find that Keto is the exact opposite of conventional dietary wisdom, which states that everyone should follow one specific way of eating i.e the Standard American Diet.

But the standard dietary advice is making people sicker, including me. Now I listen to other people, like the ones on these podcasts.

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My name is Irma and I want to share my journey to improved health by eating whole foods, moving my body and eliminating stress as much as possible.

It is my hope to inspire you to make daily changes. Why? Because eating fresh, seasonal food and getting some sunshine is the best way to increase longevity. But you do not want just a long life. You want a quality long life.

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What’s So Special About Keto/carnivore/ketovore?

Standard dietary guidelines are vague and unhelpful. Because the advice is one-size-fits-all, it consequently fits very few people these days. Recommendations to eat heavily processed oils, grain products, as well as low-or-no-fat “foods” full of crappy fillers…it’s not working for me.

Or a lot of other people.

I have found that taking a bit of advice from different Keto diet gurus, plus a very popular Paleo diet guru, is a far more successful strategy for my body and health improvements.

This is what prompted me to try Ketovore (mostly carnivore) as an elimination diet.

Ditching all food except for meat, butter or ghee, and salt is helping me figure out which foods are causing health issues.


When you eliminate everything except one or two foods (for you it could be more; I have to go hard core), anytime you eat foods that your body does not like, you will know quickly.

In my case I start sneezing, or I get headaches and joint pain, or I feel itchy all over. Unfortunately, my health has been getting worse over the years, so there is much work to be done.

So these are the podcasts that are helping me understand how best to use Keto for my body.

I am also including a motivational podcast because being a holistic detective (not to be confused with Dirk Gently lol) takes time. So I like to be motivated to keep going.

Top Rated Podcasts for Ketovore

I never was much for podcasts until I needed more help on my journey to improved health.

You may think, as I did, that the little niche of “carnivore” means that very few people are on board with it, but that would be a mistake.

Many people have found that cutting back the number of foods you eat daily, as well as eating cleaner, aligns with many other health viewpoints.

For those of us who are trying to detect just what the heck we’re eating that just ain’t right, listening to other health detectives is super helpful.

So here are the 10 best, in my opinion, podcasts for people trying to fix health issues with diet.

1. The Carnivore Cast

This is a great place to find all the carnivore geeks in one place. I say geeks with love, because I am one as well (learning!).

Scroll through the guest list to find:

Dr. Shawn Baker – athlete, trauma surgeon, and carnivore guru. Check out his YouTube channel.

Marty Kendell – author of Big Fat Keto Lies (pre-order) and the Nutrient Optimiser

Ashley Stevenson – who lost 60 lbs on carnivore and did a Keto pregnancy.

Stephen Stern – 70 year old carnivore. It’s never too late!

And many other diet experts who are anti-standard American diet. You will learn a lot in one spot.

2. Mikhaila Peterson

I was super excited to hear that Mikhaila created her own podcast.

It’s one thing to find a bodybuilder doctor (Shawn Baker) talking beef and butter.

It’s something else to hear about a waif of a girl who had her hip replaced at the age of 17.

And yet, eating a limited diet of beef and salt (The Lion Diet), has helped her get off prescription drugs and regain health.

I find it so annoying that Dieticians will tell you that carnivore is unhealthy when it’s the only thing that helps some people. It was actually Mikhaila who motivated me the most to go Ketovore.

You can also find Mikhaila in her group on the fasting app LIFE Fasting. Because Mikhaila does IF, I believe she is coming up with her own brand of electrolytes, so yay for that. I’ll keep you posted if you’re subscribed to my newsletter.

3. Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson is the guru for the Paleo diet and he got me to try Paleo long, long ago. In fact, I learned about Paleo before I learned low-carb. I love that most Paleo food is clean and healthy.

But what I am mostly interested in from Mark is his insights into fitness.

Mark thinks we should “lift heavy things”. How? Get a large truck tire and a sledgehammer and pound that tire.

Mimic the kind of exercise we used to get when people had to clear land and cut down trees to build a home.

Gardening works but if you don’t garden, get a sledgehammer and beat up a tire.

And do some sprinting.

Because seriously, if an animal was chasing you down for food, jogging won’t cut it. You need that burst of speed to escape.

That’s called sprinting. Do it once a week to stay in practice.

Mark also studies nutrition and why conventional diet advice is wrong and why. Good stuff.

4. Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Dr. Patrick takes really complex medical and health concepts and makes them easy to understand.

If you want to know why you cannot have coffee during fasting to get the benefits of Autophagy (your body’s ability to “take out the trash”), then Dr. Rhonda Patrick is the source.

And it’s not just fasting help you get from Dr. Patrick. Learn why you should not eat after dark and what screwing with your body’s natural circadian rhythms really does to you.

Help your body help you heal by understanding how to optimize it.

5. Chris Kresser

Author of the book The Paleo Cure, and an expert in functional medicine and ancestral health i.e. why humans lived basically disease-free up until this past century.

Chris is yet another person who could not solve health issues using conventional treatment and visiting 30 health practitioners, Chris ultimately created his own way of doing things.

And now Chris shares what outdated health practices are doing to undermine our health and what we can do about it.


The Top Ten Best Podcasts for Ketovore
PIN IT!! The Top Ten Best Podcasts for Ketovore

6. Keto For Normies

LOL. I love these guys on YouTube. Matt and Megha have some fun Keto recipes and are willing to try new concept foods, like non-ground beef pizza crusts.

They make Keto normal (of course), but they also share tips, have special guests, cookbooks and a membership site if you need extra help.

7. Dave Asprey

It wouldn’t be fair to not include the inventor of Bulletproof coffee. Dave discovered that Tibetan mountain guides could run around in snow wearing tennis shoes and a light jacket, while visitors were dressed to the max. Why?

It’s because they put Yak butter in their tea.

Yak butter?

Dave discovered that the fat from the butter had amazing properties, so he “hacked” the recipe to create Bulletproof coffee.

I do a modified version (Keto Coffee), which is perfect for mental clarity and production work.

8. The Obesity Code Podcast

Dr. Jason Fung, expert in dietary fasting, has assembled a panel experts from far and wide on this podcast.

Dr. Fung founded the Intensive Dietary Management Program to provide a unique treatment for type 2 diabetes and obesity. Instead of focusing on medications, this clinic focuses on using different fasting protocols to stabilize health problems.

If you are interested in adding fasting/Intermittent Fasting  onto Ketovore, I suggest Dr. Fung’s book The Complete Guide To Fasting, which explains which things matter most depending on the results you want.

I follow Dr. Fung’s guidance from this book to do my first 5-day fast. It was much easier than expected btw.

Some of the experts on the panel are:

Nina Teicholz, nutrition researcher and author of The Big Fat Surprise

Dr. Tim Noakes, who won his lawsuit after fighting a dietician body in New Zealand for giving health advice to a nursing mom

Prof. Thomas N. Seyfried, author of the tome “Cancer as a Metobolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer

Gary Taubes, author of The Case Against Sugar

9. Keto For Women

I know that this podcast retired in 2019, but Shawn Mynar has some amazing insights for women doing Keto. You can still listen to all the archived episodes.

Seriously men and women are genetically different, regardless of what people may want otherwise.

There are lots of situations that are different for women, like hormonal issues, our female psychology, and our strange food addictions (like chocolate).

10. Impact Theory with Tim Bilyeu

Tim has several different areas on his website depending on your interest: health, women’s issues, relationships etc.

I firmly believe that when we are ready to accept new information, that info will present itself. Many time it presented itself to me during one of Tim’s podcast episodes.

Impact Theory is about changing mindset and being open to new ideas…like carnivore.

If you go to the tab “shows”, on his home page, and click on HEALTH THEORY you will find this page of links to great episodes that include guests mentioned here. Guests like Mark Sisson, Chris Kresser, and Dave Asprey on topics like how to reset your age, gut health, and inflammation.

Honorable Mention: Radical Transformation Project

Faith Mariah is a mental health coach. I put her on this list because of her infectious optimism in everyday situations.

So many things can throw us off the Keto wagon. Learning hope to cope better with life’s set-backs is what will help us to succeed.

Look for episode titled “What Do You Believe Is Possible For You In Your Life?” (January 28, 2020) to get the inspiration you need to keep going forward.

You can have the life you’ve been dreaming of, but you have to believe that it is true for you.


Well, I hope this list will bring you the inspiration to change things in your diet to create your optimal health. It does take a bit of detective work, but I am hoping to provide you with as many tools as you need to get there quicker!

Ready to dive in to keto diet? Your first step is to collect your free food list and quick start guide and then start improving health with keto diet!

Holistic approaches never just address symptoms of specific health problems, but instead aim to return or keep the patient in a state of balanced health between mind, body, and spirit. Holism targets overall wellness, and when we are well, we only get better with age.

Please share this post with anyone who can benefit from it. Sharing is caring!

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Until next time, here’s to our health!


Top Ten Best Podcasts for Ketovore

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