The Benefits of Walking Daily

Todays post is on the benefits of walking daily…something many people should do, but don’t. Humans are hunter/gatherers…it is how we survived for thousands of years. We are designed to walk to hunt and gather our food.

Yet, in modern society, we spend most of our time sitting down. That is not good for our bodies, which then leads to a host of health problems.

This is probably one of the most important reasons to make an effort to move around and go for a walk each day.

Today I will share some of the real benefits for your mental and physical health, of walking more often.

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It is my hope to inspire you to make daily changes. Why? Because eating fresh, seasonal food, getting some sunshine, and reducing stress is the best way to increase longevity. But you do not want just a long life.

You want a quality long life, and you want to look and feel your best while you live it.

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The Benefits of Walking Daily
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Walking used to be the way most people got around. Even when we had wagons drawn by horses, people still walked.

Now, most of us sit for our work, we eat sitting down, and to be honest all we want to do when we come home from work is sit down and watch TV.

Walking is no longer a requirement for people…it has now become a hobby.

Benefits of A Daily Walk Outside

There are many benefits to getting outside for your daily walk; benefits that are not available to you if you use an indoor treadmill, walking dvd, or just walk around inside your home or job.

You do not need a bunch of special equipment for your daily walk either…just a comfy pair of walking shoes. You can get fancy later if you want, but make a daily walk as simple and easy as you can so that you do it.


Walking outdoors allows UVB rays to reach your skin and create Vitamin D. Of course you need to expose some of your skin, and not use sunscreen, to get these benefits.

Your skin will only make vitamin D when exposed to UVB rays, but you only need a few minutes a day to get benefits.

How long it takes depends on where in the world you live, and whether you are light, medium, or dark skinned. Read more here.

Fresh Air and Nature

If you have the option to go to a park to walk, you should. Listening to birds chirp, the wind in the leaves of trees or hearing a babbling brook is naturally stress-reducing and beneficial to humans.

And it improves sleep.

When I was suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, an hour-long walk helped me to calm down and relax enough to sleep.

Connection to other people

Go for a walk and you will likely see other people out walking. You can then time your daily walks for when you know that your neighbors are out and about.

You don’t have to talk to them, unless you want to, but it is nice to know they are there! And there is a kind of unspoken respect when you see other people working out in some way.

Making time for your daily walk

We need to get in the habit of going for that walk just like we’re in the habit of brushing our teeth twice a day or taking out the trash on Tuesdays.

Once it’s a well ingrained habit, you will find that there is something missing in your life if you have to skip a day.

If you need help with your habits, I have two posts for you to read:

Breaking Bad Habits in Four Steps

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Start with these simple tips

Find a walking route you enjoy.

It helps to make it as easy as possible.

Your favorite walk may offer beautiful vistas, but if it’s a 30 minute drive there and back, you’ll be less likely to do it every single day. Instead, save that walk for the weekends and come up with something convenient and pleasant for your daily walking routine.

If you can, find a route in your own neighborhood to simplify your life. Just lace up your shoes and start walking.

Track your steps/miles

Taking the same route every day helps form that habit, but if you track your steps you can motivate yourself to walk more.

  • Either increase the length of your walk (more steps/miles)
  • Or increase the amount of time that you are out walking

Try to walk the same loop faster and it will take less effort over time. This proves that you’re making a difference and are getting stronger and increasingly fitter.

Listening to your favorite music, podcast or audio books is also helpful.

It will make the time go by faster and give you something else to look forward to. You can even use your favorite media as a way to bribe yourself to go for your daily walk.

Let’s say you have a couple of podcasts you enjoy. Save them for your walks and only let yourself listen to them while you’re walking.

It’s a great incentive to get out there even on days when you’re not feeling it.

Walk with other people

Find a walking group in your area, or talk a friend or neighbor into becoming your walking buddy. Or just get out there when you know other locals are out for their walk.

Not only is it more fun to walk when you have someone to talk to, it also has some built in accountability. It’s much easier to skip a walking workout when you know that other people are waiting for you and relying on you to join them.

4 Benefits of Your Daily Walk

There are a lot of good reasons to go for a walk. It’s fun, it’s relaxing, and most important it’s good for your health.

But are there other health benefits of walking? Yes! I think that you will find that a daily walk feels quite natural once you get the hang of it.

Walking Gets You Outside In The Fresh Air and Sunshine

No matter how fast or slow you walk, walking gets you outside and in the fresh air.

This alone will make you feel better as your body absorbs the oxygen and sunshine. Both are important for your health and well-being. You will find the air quality outside, particularly if you go for a walk on the beach or in a park, will be much better than the air inside your house.

Of course, the sunshine outside will help your body produce all the Vitamin D it needs.

Walking Improves Your Sense Of Balance And Coordination

As you walk, particularly when walking over rougher terrain, you’re also working on your sense of balance and coordination.

Just getting in the habit of going for a daily walk will help. But you can work even more on your sense of balance by moving your head around. Turn your head to the right and left as you walk for a count of 30. Then move your head up and down for a count of 30.

If you do these simple exercises once or twice as you walk each day you’ll get even more benefit.

Walking Strengthens Your Bones and Muscles

Even though walking is a low impact form of exercise it helps to strengthen and tone your body. If you’re just starting out, it is all you need to start to get into better shape.

As you get more fit, consider adding ankle or hand weights to improve your results.

And in addition to your daily walks, consider doing strength training twice a week to tone your muscles.

Walking Will Boost Your Mood and Fight Depression

Last but not least, the exercise of walking releases endorphins that will help lift your mood and reduce your heart rate.

This study shows that spending time in nature reduces stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Also read more here.

Give it a try. The next time you’re feeling tired, stressed, or are in a bad mood, lace up your sneakers and go for a brisk walk. It works like a charm.


I hope that you can see the benefits of walking for your physical and mental health. Give these tips a try and see if they help you make walking a daily habit and an integral part of your health, your fitness, and your life.

Try to get some beneficial Vitamin D while you are out there and notice the good feelings that sunshine produces. UVB rays are produced between 10 am and 2 pm, and you need bare skin with no sunscreen. 5 or 10 minutes of this type of exposure will benefit you greatly.

When you do choose to apply sunscreen, consider using a mineral product instead of a chemical one.

Read my review of this excellent mineral sunscreen.

Holism targets overall wellness, and when we are well, we only get better with age.

Eat the best food that you can afford to give your body the building blocks it needs for optimal health, longevity, and looking good for as long as possible. Get outside for some fresh air and sunshine. Practice self-care to reduce stress and enjoy life more.

Please share this post with anyone who can benefit from it. Sharing is caring! And follow me on Pinterest!

Until next time, here’s to our health!

– Irma xo

The Benefits of Walking Daily

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