Good Keto Snacks to Help You Avoid Carbs

No Keto diet would be complete without good Keto snacks. It is a good idea to figure out what you can eat for snacks, so that you don’t hit the drive-thru and all those carbs!

Avoiding carbs is one of the key foundations of the keto diet. If you want to lose weight and reap the health benefits from being in ketosis, then watching your carb intake is a necessity.

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Keto Snacks…Yumm!

Good Keto Snacks
PIN IT!! Good Keto Snacks

The thing with keto diet is that you need to stay under 20-30 carbs in order to find the highest level of success. When it comes to meals and planning foods for specific mealtimes, most people do okay with limiting carbs.

But one area that tends to trip people up on the diet is when it comes time to grab a snack.

Many people think that because a food is on the “approved” list for Keto diet, that they can eat as much as they want.

This is not the case. For many foods, if there is less than 1 gram of carbs those carbs will not be listed.

For example cheese may show up in your food tracker app (I recommend Cronometer) as barely registering carbs.

But if you eat several servings, the carbs are going to pile up.

It’s easy to forget the amount of carbs in the snack or not be as proactive as you need to be to look out for the sneaky diet busters.

Keto foods that are notorious for hidden carbs are:

  • Jerky (hidden sugars),
  • Pepperoni sticks (sugars and hidden starches)
  • Cheese (all dairy contains carbs)
  • Nuts (nuts contain carbs)
  • Salad dressings (starches and sugars mostly)
  • Sugar-free foods (artificial sweeteners act like sugar for many people) i.e. Keto protein or snack bars.

Below is a short list of good Keto snacks. Eat them if you are late getting your dinner cooked, need a snack while travelling, or any time you need to up your macros.

Go-To Keto Snacks

Mini Keto Cheese Balls
Mini Keto Cheese Balls

Simple is always best with Keto. Try to follow your food tracking app and only eat 1 serving size until you get used to what that looks like.

You can have keto friendly foods like:


Best choices are macadamia, brazil, pecans, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts. They are easy to overeat, so check your food tracker app and have one serving at a time.

Boiled eggs/deviled eggs

Made with good quality or homemade mayonnaise


Stuffed or black


If you tolerate fresh cheese well, then go for cottage cheese, mozzarella cheese or cream cheese.

If you have issues with dairy, try hard cheeses like old cheddar, Asiago, or Parmesan in small amounts.

As in the photo above, I follow the basic recipe for cheese ball from Bick’s Pickles, and then just make them into fat bomb sized snacks. Instead of parsley, I rolled them in chopped pecans. They keep for about 3 days in the fridge, if yours last that long. Mine were devoured by the end of the second day.

Try to use clean mayo, such as avocado oil mayonnaise. We get ours in big jars at Costco, but other stores sell it as well. I think it tastes like regular mayo, more-so than olive oil mayo’s I have tried.


Bacon, lunch meat (watch for sugars), leftover meat from meals, jerky, pepperoni sticks, and pork rinds.

You can microwave pepperoni slices to make pepperoni “chips” and then dip them in cream cheese for a snack. #yummy

Nut Butters

Stick with the ones that match the regular eating nuts so you do not get too many carbs. Almond, pecan, macadamia etc. All natural peanut butter has less than two carbs per tablespoon, making it a quick and low carb snack.

Veggies with or without dip

Veggies – broccoli, cucumber sticks, celery sticks, zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers etc. If you have room in your macros, go for it.

Dips – ranch dressing (watch for sugars), peanut butter, or cream cheese

Bonus recipe:

stuffed mushroom
stuffed mushroom

Remove the stems from fresh mushrooms and fill that spot with Boursin cheese. Bake at 350f for about 20 minutes.  #addictive

You can save money buying Boursin cheese if you get the 2-pack at Costco.

Lettuce wrap for sandwiches

Making a sandwich using lettuce leaves in place of bread and very low or carb-free ingredients is also a good snack idea.


A ¼ cup of strawberries gives you less than two carbs, but the same size serving of blueberries gives you five carbs. Add a dash of heavy cream for a dessert-like snack.

Heavy whipping cream

Go-to of Keto-ers all over the world, add a measured amount of liquid whipping cream to soda water. Add a splash of sugar free coffee flavoring. The fat will help fill the hunger gap.

Unsweetened or very low sugar Dark Chocolate

I used to think that dark chocolate was repulsive. Then I detoxed from sugar and Dark Chocolate actually tastes sweet to me. Not as sweet as commercial chocolate, but that is the trade-off. A small piece will help with hunger.


Holistic approaches never just address symptoms of specific health problems, but instead aim to return or keep the patient in a state of balanced health between mind, body, and spirit. Holism targets overall wellness, and when we are well, we only get better with age.

Have you been on the fence about trying Keto diet? I advocate for clean Keto (clean, whole fresh foods) that improve health the longer you stick with it. If this interests you, check out my Fearless Keto Diet Kit. It has everything you need to get started.

Not sure about Keto diet yet? Then be sure to grab that Keto Food Guide and get started on the road to improved health and less belly fat! I advocate for clean Keto, which is fresh, natual foods without a bunch of chemical additives.

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Good Keto Snacks to Help You Avoid Carbs

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