Law of Attraction and Manifestation Explained

Today we are going to dig in to the Law of Attraction and manifestation! I have been a big fan of this concept since I watched “The Secret”, a movie that came out around 2006.

However, I did not know how to apply the principles to my daily life. Honestly, there was a lot of information and concepts in the movie and I know that I was not the only person confused by it all.

So I am going to share what I know, to help others who are bit mystified by how Law of Attraction and manifestation come together.

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Before you can start manifesting with the law of attraction, you need to understand some of the science and concepts that will help you be successful with it.

I will also link to helpful blog posts that explain the concepts more, so that you have more details.

Laws of the Universe

There are many universal laws for how things work on earth and in our universe.

Some we have heard of over and over, such as

  • The law of gravity (what goes up must come down)
  • Or The First Law of Thermodynamics (energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be converted from one form to another)
  • And another is The Law of Cause and effect (aka karma or what you sow, you shall reap).

There are also laws that you may not be aware of such as the law of vibration and the law of attraction, which will be discussed below.

The Law of Vibration.

Everything vibrates, and this can be seen with a very powerful electron microscope, which can see atoms vibrating. The atoms are vibrating and emitting a frequency, which creates an energetic field.

Law of vibration states that everything in the universe is in a constant state of movement (vibration).

The rate that something vibrates aka its speed of vibration is called its frequency.

While your kitchen table may appear to be stationary, it is just vibrating at a slow speed.

A human body vibrates at a high speed, however each person is vibrating at their own speed based on their thoughts and feelings.

Your emotional state dictates your vibrational frequency.

Positive thinking is considered ‘high vibe’ while a depressed feeling would be ‘low vibe’.

Your vibration matters when manifesting because it impacts the results that you get. Manifesting with the law of attraction requires positive vibrations if you want more positive events in your life.

Law of Attraction Definition

Law of Attraction, or LOA, is a universal law that is defined as “like attracts like”. It is secondary to the law of vibration because vibration is what causes attraction.

For the purpose of this article, the Law of Attraction is focuses on using your thoughts and feelings to dictate what you want to attract into your life.

Positive vibrations attract positive vibrations

Since your thoughts have a vibrational frequency,  if your thoughts are “I am so lucky!”, then you tend to attract more things into your life that confirm that you are lucky.

Examples of this are finding money or having a prize-winning raffle ticket.

Contrast that with an “I can’t do it!” attitude.

This type of thinking attracts that you stay stuck in whatever situation you are in.

An example is people who say “no matter what I do, I cannot lose weight”. Those people get the continued result of maintaining or gaining weight.

If your life is not where you want it to be, then it is because you are consciously sending out a confusing or negative vibration.

Test this out by monitoring your thoughts and feelings throughout the day.

If you find yourself taking part in negativity at the lunch table, take note. Do not beat yourself up about, just be aware that it is happening.

Same goes if you drift towards negative interactions on social media or after watching the evening news on TV. Just observe how you feel about the things you participate in.

To change your circumstances, you must change your thoughts and feelings about what you want.

Thoughts become things

This means that if you focus on positive thoughts you will attract positive circumstances in your life. Maybe it is the day before payday and you have no spare cash, but a co-worker invites you out to dinner and it is her treat.

Or someone brings you flowers ‘just because’.

It is estimated that we have about 60,000 thoughts per day.

Most of them are random and fleeting.

One way to tame your thoughts is to start becoming more intentional about what you think. Not about every thought, because that would be exhausting.

But when you notice yourself taking part in negativity, make a conscious choice to switch to something more positive.

If you want more positive thoughts, focus your mind of positive events and  happenings.

Focus on trying to be more positive in general. You can start creating more positive thinking in your daily life by doing:

PIN IT!! Law of Attraction Manifesting

Manifesting for Beginners

Manifesting is when something that you conceive in your mind becomes real/tangible.

I know that sounds like magic, but everyone is manifesting all the time, whether they are trying or not.

We manifest by putting out energy in areas of our lives, and that energy comes back to us in one form or another.

  • So positive energy put out to the universe returns positive energy.
  • Negative energy will return to us as negative energy.

How can you tell if your energy is positive or negative?

Check in with how you feel.

Our feelings are the best gauge for our thoughts. Do you feel mostly positive or mostly negative?

If you are doing a gratitude practice (recommended), you will easily become more positive. A few minutes a day of gratitude will yield rapid results.


Affirmations are short statements that use present tense language, aka “I am”, or otherwise words that affirm that what you want is happening right now.

We use present tense because if you use future tense, aka “I want”, then you will be affirming that you want it but that you never get it.

Some affirmation examples are:

  • I am healthy and fit
  • Money flows to me easily
  • All of my friends are supportive of me

For more information about this topic, check out my post Affirmations and Positive Thinking.

Taking inspired action

When you set manifestation goals with law of attraction, you may be required to take action.

For example, if you want to wear a smaller size of clothing, you may think “I need to lose 20 pounds”.

Follow through with that thought by asking yourself how you can do that.

Your brain, which wants you to be happy, will intuitively offer suggestions for you.

You may get the idea to eat healthier food, go for a daily walk, or start tracking your food intake. If you decide to try any of these ideas, that would be taking inspired action.

Law of Attraction and Manifestation

We have the main principles of the law of vibration and the law of attraction and manifesting, so we just need to put it together into a plan. Please understand that manifesting is not instant. This gives you the chance to change your mind about aspects of what you want.

1. Set your intentions

Always set your intentions when you are asking for what you want. You want the universe to know you are asking for something that you desire, and that it isn’t just a random thought.

Be clear with what you want.

It often helps to first visualize what you want, then think about how you can get there through inspired action. Then set intentions each day based on what will get you closer.

2. The ‘how’ is not your problem

It is not your job to figure out exactly how something is going to manifest into your life; that is what the universe is going to do for you.

You are not in control of how or when something is attracted into your life.

Instead, trust in the universe, pay attention to the signs, and take action when your intuition is telling you to. Taking action improves your vibration.

3. Feel the feelings of having what you want

Remember that the universe can’t hear your thoughts, but it can recognize your feelings. It is essential that when you are visualizing, you are feeling what you want to achieve.

For most people who say they want more money, it is not the money that they really want…it is the feelings they will feel when they have a lot of money to spend.

Feelings like freedom, security, charity, and abundance.

If you want to lose weight, don’t just think about how much weight you are trying to lose or how to lose weight. Visualize the end result after you have lost your weight, then really FEEL it.

  • How will your life change?
  • What will it feel like when you touch your body?
  • How excited will you be?
  • Will your confidence be better?
  • Does it change your lifestyle?

4. Don’t limit the universe on what it can give you

Think about the biggest goal or dream you have. Get as far-fetched as you possibly can.

Don’t just aim to earn $100,000 a year; aim to earn $1 million a year if that is what you really want. If you instantly feel like it is unrealistic, think about WHY you think that.

Those reasons are your limiting beliefs. You may find it helpful to journal all of your limiting beliefs and work through why they are not true.

5. Trust your intuition and let go

If you are in vibrational alignment with what you want, it is already yours and is on its way to you. Go about your business.

If you feel any “nudges” from the universe that would require you to take an action, take the action. For example, if you want to earn $100k a year you may want to start applying for more high-paying jobs or up-level your skills so that you are ready if a better job offer comes to you.

However, if you are always waiting for your desires to come to you, law of attraction states that you will always be waiting. So let it go.

If it helps, write out your manifestation goal, put it in an envelope and lock it in a box, knowing it is on its way to you.


This post is aimed at beginners and daily practice is important to getting results quickly.

I started out with small things, like manifesting all green lights when driving across the city or manifesting a great parking spot at the mall. I cannot tell you how many times I drove through a parking lot and watched people pull out of a great spot right in front of me.

Try stating “I always get the best parking spots” or “I will have all green lights on my way to work”.

I encourage you to try things that are simple at first, to get a few ‘wins’.

When you can see manifesting with the law of attraction happening in real life, it will also give you positive feelings that will help you manifest more.

I also get surprise money all the time now…random checks in the mail, higher than normal tax returns, and great discounts on things I want to buy.

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Law of Attraction and Manifestation Explained

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