Law of Attraction: Trust The Process

One of the hardest concepts with law of attraction is trust. Trusting that you can have what you want. Trusting that it will come to you sooner, rather than later.

Today we will discuss why it is important to develop your faith when it comes to manifesting.

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The Law of Attraction seems so easy for some.  Others try and try and have no success.

They wonder why this is true.

There are some very good reasons why people have problems using the Law of Attraction, but a main problem is being able to trust.

People think that law of attraction is like ‘magic’.

They might be expecting to instantantly have what they asked for.

But no, the universe has its own failsafe, because it wants you to do some work around what you want.

It wants you choose things that will satisfy your heart.

When trying to use the Law of Attraction, you may find that you are always tapping your foot and asking when it’s going to happen for you.

If you do, it may mean that you are not really coming into it believing in anything.

You are just testing the waters and not willing to commit to anything. That is not trust.

With the law of attraction, you ask the universe what you want by setting your intentions, visualize what you are trying to attract into your life, then you let it go.

This is the pivotal moment many people forget about the Law of Attraction.

Once you ask, you don’t have to ask again unless what you want to attract changes. This is when it is essential that you start putting your trust in the universe to bring you what you desire.

Law of Attraction and Trust
PIN IT!! Law of Attraction and Trust

The First Step to Trusting the Universe

This can be a hard pill to swallow, but you first need to understand that the life you are living now is one you manifested.

Good or bad, you made your current circumstances a reality.

This is the first part of trusting the universe.

You need to accept that what you have in your life is what YOU made happen. It’s not your fault, because you did not know any better, but you are responsible for your results.

The good news is that you can change it, in fact you can change anything and everything.

But you first must come to terms with the reality, and understand how and why your life is the way it is.

You are not unlucky, you are not cursed. You are the product of your own thoughts and feelings.

Learn to see your ‘mistakes’ as times you went off-track, and gather feedback on how you can avoid that in the future.

You Are Not in Control of the HOW

Another mistake people make in using the Law of Attraction is to put too much emphasis on the evidence they see.

When they see things that seem to prove that the Law of Attraction is not working, they quit believing.  They get frustrated and become a mass of negative vibrations.  This will bring more disbelief and the cycle repeats in more frustration.

The truth is that if they really understand the Law of Attraction and the science behind it, external evidence will have little effect on them.

This is because they will have total belief and trust that the Law of Attraction has been working all along.

What is happening in the beginning is what you manifested before you knew to stop doing that, so that play out and keep moving forward.

In the law of attraction, you are setting intentions and asking for what you want from the universe, but the rest is not up to you.

You can’t control every little detail of the way your manifestation occurs in your life.

You can’t bring a certain amount of money on a certain date, or guarantee that the series of events to lead to the love of your life will happen exactly how you want it.

All you can do is ask for the end result of what you want, feel it as if you already have it, then put in your trust to the universe to handle the rest.

The Universe Has Your Back

If you properly use the Law of Attraction, you will have what you want.

Trusting Law of Attraction is and isn’t easy.

You only need to change the way you think and feel about things.  If you can come to understand the Law of Attraction fully, you can make it work for you.

Remember that the universe has your back!

It wants you to be happy, it wants you to succeed, it wants you to have all that you desire.

The only thing that is up to you is to:

  • First decide what it is you want
  • Then ask the universe for it in the right way.

Watch for your limiting beliefs…the ones that tell you that you can’t have it…and work on changing them. See this post on overcoming mental blocks for more information.

Make sure you are using positive, present tense words, like “I am” or “I do” and leave out negative words that contradict what you want. Here is some information on writing positive affirmations to help you shift your thinking.


Daily practice is important to getting results quickly, because if you are unfamiliar with these concepts you may need more time to practice and get used to them.

When you learn to drive a car, you are always looking at your gauges, side mirrors and rear view mirrors while trying to maintain speed and being safe. As you keep driving, your focus shifts to relaxing into it and becoming a better and more skilled driver.

You want to be relaxed and trusting with LoA as well.

Know that your desires are coming to you.

Law of Attraction is not a straightforward set of rules to follow, but a group of concepts meant to help you change your thinking so that manifesting becomes easier. Use whatever tools you need to achieve this purpose:

Gratitude – By far, the #1 practice that you should do to change your mindset for the better is a daily gratitude practice.

Vision Board – use this to have a visual reminder of what you want

Journaling – This is an excellent tool to get negative thoughts out of your head and on to paper, where you can disprove them

Scripting – Similar to journaling, but in this exercise you write out what you want as if it has already happened.

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Law of Attraction: Trust The Process

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