Keto & Clean Eating

Keto…low carb is my preferred way of eating. Mostly meat and butter, with seasonal salads; that is my optimal diet.

Right now, we are all about Carnivore, because I am trying to heal my health issues. Some of the benefits that I have received from eating carnivore, are:

  1. Unexpected benefit: I woke up one day and that bit of fat I had poking out of the side of my bra was gone. Gone. Like I was exercising, but didn’t.
  2. (ewww) Toenail fungus gone: I was only using Oil of Oregano to treat it and one day POOF! gone.
  3. Fingernail ridges are gone. At one point my nails were so bad they were like paper.
  4. I am back to sleeping a full six hours before I wake up and then I can go back to sleep another 2 hours…heaven!


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